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Please fill in as much of the form below as possible, to tell us about what you're doing in housing in Africa. We will then post your information on the relevant country page so that others are aware of your activities. You may use this space for both existing and planned projects. You can also use it to invite input from others. If there are specific challenges you are facing, or opportunities you'd like to share, you can also list these. Over time, we hope that through inputs from people like you, we will develop a good overall picture of housing developments across Africa.

If this form does not suit your specific needs, please feel free to email us via our contact form. You can also send an email directly to . We look forward to your input!

The CAHF is pleased to offer this linking service. Please note, however, that by loading your information on this website we are neither endorsing nor approving of your work or activities, but rather just providing you with the opportunity to network with visitors to our site. This is clearly spelled out in the Terms and Conditions.