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FinMark Trust

FinMark Trust a non-profit independent trust based in Johannesburg, South Africa, was established in 2002 and is funded primarily by UK Aid from the Department for International Development (DFID), through its South Africa office. FinMark Trust’s purpose is ‘Making financial markets work for the poor, by promoting financial inclusion and regional financial integration’. It does this by conducting research to identify the systemic constraints that prevent financial markets from reaching out to these consumers and by advocating for change on the basis of research findings. Thus, FinMark Trust plays a catalytic role, driven by its purpose to start processes of change that ultimately lead to the development of inclusive financial systems that can benefit all consumers. An important tool developed by FinMark Trust is FinScope, a national representative survey of individuals’ perceptions and usage of financial services undertaken now in 15 countries in Africa. FinMark Trust’s Trustees are Nkululeko Sowazi (Chair), Maya Makanjee (CEO), Cas Coovadia, Ethel Matenge-Sebesho, Ishmael Mkhabela, Prega Ramsamy, and Esau Nebwe.

Urban Landmark

Urban LandMark stands for the Urban Land Markets Programme – a South African organisation based in Pretoria, the programme was set up in May 2006 with funding from the UK’s Department for International Development. Urban LandMark is working to make urban land markets work for the poor by mobilising diverse players, including the private sector and civil society, to come up with innovative ways to achieve this objective and bringing about change in government policy and implementation, and in private sector praxis


The Department for International Development (DFID) is the part of the UK government that manages Britain’s aid to poor countries and works to get rid of extreme poverty. DFID has offices in around 40 developing countries and provides aid to around 90 countries. The organization works with governments of developing countries as well as charities, businesses and international bodies, including the World Bank, UN agencies and the European Commission

African Union for Housing Finance (AUHF)

The AUHF is an association of 31 mortgage banks, building societies, housing corporations and other organisations involved in the mobilisation of funds for shelter and housing, in 16 countries on the continent of Africa. The African Union for Housing Finance is actively seeking ways to incorporate and assist, among others, informal sector lenders, such as community banks, peoples’ banks, saving associations and credit unions to participate in the housing finance market. In November 2010, FinMark Trust (through the CAHF) was appointed to provide strategic and administrative support to the AUHF on an ongoing basis.

Rooftops Canada

Rooftops Canada is the international development programme of co-operative and social housing organizations in Canada. Rooftops Canada works with partner organizations to improve housing conditions, build sustainable communities and develop a shared vision of equitable global development. Rooftops Canada’s focus is on disadvantaged communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe

Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit housing organization seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. Habitat also provides microfinance in partnership with other organizations in the form of small loans for repairing or improving homes. In addition to innovative programs, HFHI is collaborating with other organizations that are working to break the cycle of poverty through improved health care and economic development.