New Finance-Linked Individual Subsidy Programme values, effective 1 April 2012 - Discussion

  1. Joyce SA , 03 April 2012

    Thank you for coming back to me, i fone yesteday at NHFC the lady who answer the phone she said in Gauteng they never found the developer yet the only place is Mpumalanga and limpopo i told her that i need one in Gauteng, if you know place where they are building in gauteng am in North side, and cosmo they have the house of R286000 but they are not working with nhfc the company is elite, thank you for reply me i realy need ahouse

    • Kecia , 09 April 2012

      Hello Joyce. Because the scheme is still new, the officials are still working out how the system works. You were right to call the NHFC. Now you need to call developers and tell them that you can only buy a house from their project if it is included in the NHFC’s list of approved projects, and if it costs less than R300 000. Hopefully, the more people put pressure on the system the more responsive it will be to their needs. Good luck! Kecia

  2. Maud , 05 April 2012

    Hi, i also called the nhfc the lady i spoke to the first time told me i need to find development in my area that is east rand and they must be working together with the nhfc, but i found that imposible to find out , so i decided to call i again and i spoke to another lady and she told me, they don’t data base of any development in gauteng so i must keep on checking if they got the list, they also told me you can’t just choose any house it has to be a house which is part of the project, i am so confused by all stories, please assist with more info regarding all this.

    • Kecia , 09 April 2012

      Hello Maud. It is very confusing, in part because the subsidy scheme only just came into effect (1 April 2012) and the administrative systems to make it all happen don’t seem to be in place yet. The basic rule is that you need to buy a new house that costs less than R300 000 and which is in a new project. I think your safest bet is to call the developers in your area and ask them if they have any houses available in any of their current projects – you can see my recent blog for some information on this: Good luck! Kecia

  3. rele , 10 April 2012

    i got aproved by a bank to buy a property in january this year but they still building the property. i just want to find out if i qualify, even if my bond is been aproved? i havent signed anything i wil only sign when they finish building.

    • Kecia , 16 April 2012

      Hi Rele. You need to check with the developer of the property if it is going to be included in the scheme. If the developer doesn’t know, you can also ask your bank, or call the NHFC directly. Get all the details of the development together: name of the developer, name and location of the development, the product price, estimated date of completion, etc., and call the NHFC on 011-644-9800 or email them on Also ask your developer to call them. Good luck!

  4. Alicestine , 11 April 2012

    hi kecia,

    is this subsidy only when you buy a new house . We want to buy a family members house our income is 5000 per month do we qualify for the subsidy?

    • Kecia , 16 April 2012

      Hello Alicestine. This is the most frustrating aspect of the new subsidy scheme, I think – that you can only use it to buy a new house. I’ve been told that this is just an interim arrangement, however, while the administrative systems are worked out. In the longer term, the scheme may become available for use in the resale market. If you can wait with your purchase, this might be a good idea. I can’t promise how long though – even the current arrangements are being implemented very slowly. I would recommend you call the NHFC and ask them directly – this might make them see how important it is to include the resale market in the arrangements. Their number is 011-644-9800 or you can email

  5. Zodwa , 25 April 2012

    I would like to know if I dont get to be aproved by a bank as I’m still sorting all my debts.
    Will I qualify for this housing scheme.

    • Kecia , 27 April 2012

      Hi Zodwa. This scheme is still very new, so you have time to sort out your debts. You are right: the only way to access the subsidy is if you link it with a mortgage bond, or if you agree to just get a serviced site. So, while the government works out the pilot phase of the scheme you can sort out your debts and start to save towards housing. I think it will probably take a while for them to get beyond the pilot phase, but you should start clearing your debts right away so you’re ready. Good luck!

  6. Mzukisi Mali , 04 June 2012

    I happened to be the one who raised this to the President during his state of the nation address. Have been receiving calls as to when is this going to be implemented. To be honest, I dont think it will materialsed as it is linked to the banks. if you credit record is not clean, you will not get a house until you are not a risk to the bank. as long it is linked to bank, people in my catagory will never own a house. The second thing is the R15000.00, it must be R20000.00 at least so that it cover the majority of the people who do not houseless.

    • Kecia , 04 June 2012

      Hi Mzukisi. Its such a complicated story. The overall principle of a subsidy that constraints eligibility is a good one – already, the South African government is committing itself to subsidise up to 85% of the population by having housing subsidy programmes available to people earning less than R15 000. That’s a significant and expensive undertaking and it will also demand fairly substantial capacity on the part of government to implement. In my view, it would be better to restructure the entire subsidy system so that affordability is better addressed across the board. You should take a look at the conversation that the Finance and Fiscal Commission is facilitating – visit their site, and specifically the housing finance discussion, on Regarding credit records, surely you wouldn’t want people to access loans they couldn’t afford? That would also be unsustainable. If someone’s credit record is not clean, but they’ve resolved their credit situation, they can apply to have this reflected so they can again be able to access credit they can afford.

  7. valencia , 07 June 2012

    dear sir
    i am still in darkness . may you brief me . send me adress of application

    • Kecia , 11 June 2012

      Hi Valencia. It all depends on the subsidy for which you think you are eligible. If your household income is less than R3500 per month you can apply to your local municipality. If it is more than that but less than R15 000, you should telephone the NHFC and ask them about the next steps. Their number is 011-644-9800. They are the ones responsible for the FLISP subsidy programme.

  8. CHARLES , 19 June 2012


    • Kecia , 25 June 2012

      Hi Charles. Yes you can use the FLISP housing subsidy to access a plot. In order to qualify for this, you need to earn between R3501-R7000 household income per month. In principle, it is the municipality or possibly, the province, that will make the plot available, or you can buy it from a developer. Take a look at what it says in the policy: Look at section 5, starting on page 7. Then, call your local municipality and ask them how to take up this aspect of the FLISP. I suspect they may be a little surprised – not many municipalities have realised the implications of this clause. You can also call the NHFC for more information: 011-644-9800

  9. Mr Smit , 28 June 2012

    I would like to know if I qualify for the housing grant, I earn R12 000 before deduction and how much would I qualify for and where to I go in Cape town.

  10. denver , 30 June 2012

    I earn 5600 how much subsidy do I qualify for and will it only apply to a new house

    • Kecia , 01 July 2012

      Yes, Denver, the FLISP subsidy can only be applied to a new house costing less than R300 000 and delivered in an NHFC-approved project. You can call the NHFC (011-644-9800) to find out whether there’s such a project in your area. At R5600 household income per month, you might be able to access a subsidy of about R72 000 but you would also have to access a mortgage of a large enough size to afford the house. At R5600 you could also access a serviced stand instead of the FLISP subsidy. The details are in the policy and you can call the NHFC for clarification.

  11. Pinkie , 02 July 2012

    I’m planning to buy a house at beverly hills those houses are de cosmopolitan project as I’m earning 6000 before deduction bt I was told that I don’t qualify I’m supposed to earn 9000 per month to qualify and the agent lady told me the subsidy it has not been implemented so I’m wondering when wil it be implemented

    • Kecia , 09 July 2012

      Hi Pinkie. You need to contact the NHFC to find out if the Cosmopolitan project at Beverly Hills is included in their scheme. In order to be included the houses have to cost less than R300 000, and you have to qualify for the amount of mortgage finance that would make up the difference after your subsidy. If you are earning R6000 per month, your subsidy (if you are approved) could be about R70 000. I see from their website that the cheapest houses there are R278 000 – so this means you would need to qualify for a mortgage loan of at least R208 000. Assuming you had NO other debt and could afford a monthly mortgage payment of about R1800 per month, you might be able to access a loan for about R170 000. This means that even if you qualify for both the subsidy and mortgage, you’ll still be short about R38 000. The other option you have at your income range is to access a serviced site – this is available to households earning R3501 – R7000. Call the NHFC 011 644 9800 and ask them to clarify your other questions. Good luck!

  12. Dee , 03 July 2012

    Thank you very much for all the updates. I have called the NHFC earlier to check if there is any progress relating to application for housing finance. Apparently up to this day there is still no developers nor projects that has been appointed or approved. What is all this dalays all about? People who earn between R3500 -R15000 were excited that their problems of not owning a house will be solved, now it looks like it is one of the government promises that will never be implemented.

    • Kecia , 09 July 2012

      Hello Dee – I wish I could answer your question! You can see by all the comments on this site that there are many people who are frustrated. Housing takes a long time, and I suspect that the government didn’t realise how many people would be interested in the FLISP. All I can say is please keep on calling the NHFC. Also, if you happen across a development that looks like it has houses that might fit within the subsidy regime, ask the developer if they have contacted the NHFC to have their houses included. Good luck!

  13. Nazli , 16 July 2012

    Good Day, I bought a house a year ago. now I would like to confirm as we also fall into the R15 000 scheme. Where do I apply for this subsidy of Goverment Housing? Can I get the forms from the website?



    • Kecia , 16 July 2012

      Hi Nazli. I’m afraid the subsidy doesn’t apply in retrospect. You need to be a first time homebuyer NOW, and be buying a house from an NHFC-approved project in order to qualify. Sorry.

  14. kefilwe , 02 August 2012

    hi Kecia, i have met up with my agent an filled up an application to request a home loan from the bank together with the housing contract, am now awaiting response. i would like to ask if ever its gonna be possible for me to get a subsidy if my information gets to the deeds office since its a new development.

  15. kefilwe , 02 August 2012

    hey Kecia if possible please send me NHFC-approved project list for Gauteng province

  16. moses mfene , 28 November 2012

    i am earning R6478 monthly and i would like to apply for fist time buyer subsidy, looking for less than R300000 house in ekurhuleni do i qualify?

    • Kecia , 30 November 2012

      Moses, you should certainly qualify for the FLISP subsidy. HOWEVER: all of this depends on certain things: In order to access the FLISP you have to have dependents (a spouse, or children, or someone else that you are required to support), be a SA citizen or permanent resident, have never owned a house before and have never benefitted from state assistance for housing. The FLISP subsidy can only be used together with mortgage finance, so you have to have a clear credit record. And, you have to buy a new house that has been approved by the NHFC and which costs less than R300 000. You can contact the NHFC to find out about houses in the Ekurhuleni area that they have approved. Their number is 011-644-9800. I’ve also recently come across this brochure, offered by the NHFC on their website: Take a look at that and feel free to come back to me if you have more questions.

  17. Thandisizwe , 28 January 2013

    does this FLISP cater for individuals who wish to build their own houses

    • Kecia , 05 February 2013

      Hi Thandisizwe. If you earn a household income of between R3500- R7000, then yes, there is a clause in the FLISP that allows you to apply for a serviced stand from the municipality. The subsidy then pays for the land and services – you are given full title to the stand – but you have to finance the construction of your house yourself.

  18. Mpho , 06 February 2013

    Hi i earn about 4000 after deductions an i live in alexandra do i qualify an if i do where do i go to apply?

    • Kecia , 07 February 2013

      Hi Mpho. At a household income of R4000+, yes, you should qualify for the FLISP subsidy, assuming you’ve never owned a property before, have dependents, and qualify also for mortgage finance. The last point will be tough though, because the amount of mortgage finance you may qualify for won’t be enough to cover the difference between the purchase price and the subsidy you can access. There is a clause in the FLISP policy, however, that says that those people who earn R3500 – R7000 can apply to receive a serviced stand for free from the municipality. Not many municipalities have started this programme, but its worth checking with yours to see if that’s a possibility. If you can get a serviced stand, then you could use your savings to build your home incrementally, step-by-step, over time. Call the NHFC to find out more about this clause (011-644-9800) and then call the City of Johannesburg’s housing department to see if they’ve started implementing this clause yet, for people like you.

  19. acafrica , 20 February 2013

    If a household is in the unfortunate position of earning >R15,000, have so much debt, will probably never be able to qualify for a subsidy or bond

    • Kecia , 20 February 2013

      That’s right. As it is, 86% of South Africa’s population earns less than R15 000, so this is quite a lot for the government to support. You need to resolve your debt situation, little by little every month, and then you’ll be in a better position to address your housing situation.

  20. Althea Lodewyk , 23 March 2013

    Please could you let me know will i qualify for Flisp with a income of R 5700 , a homeloan of R 50 000 has been approved , and the selleing price of the property is R 5000
    Thank you

    • Kecia , 27 March 2013

      Hi Althea. In terms of your income, you would qualify for the FLISP, but it can only be used to buy a new property that has just been built and approved by the National Housing Finance Corporation. While the policy may eventually change, this is the way it is for now. If you’ve already found a property that you can afford with the homeloan that you qualify for, I’d make the investment now rather than waiting.

  21. Juliette , 18 April 2013

    Your website says that, for every R100.00 more earned, an additional R675.00 subsidy is offered. Why then does the subsidy decrease the more you earn as per your subsidy table?

  22. mbeko , 26 May 2013

    i’m married, both me and my husband we are not working. Am I entittled to have the RDP house.

    • Kecia , 26 May 2013

      Hi there. Households who have an income of less than R3500 per month, and who have never owned a property before, or benefitted from a state housing subsidy before, can apply for the RDP subsidy. The queue is rather long – it all depends on where you live and the activities of your local authority. You should contact your provincial department of human settlements or the municipal department of housing, and ask them how to join the housing waiting list. They’ll then assess whether you qualify, and let you know the next steps.

  23. Margaret , 31 May 2013

    I just heard about the FLISP subsidy and went to register my name on the database. My name is registered as a slow payer on Credit bureau but been renting for seven years now. I would like to utilize the money that im renting with to pay the bond. I am earning R7400 a month, please advice.

    • Kecia , 03 June 2013

      Hello Margaret. Thanks for your mail. At R7400 per month, you should be right within the target market for the FLISP – but you must never have owned a property before, and you must have dependents. The subsidy that you get has to be linked with mortgage finance – so your eligibility depends on your ability to qualify for a mortgage. Your monthly rental is a good way to demonstrate to the bank that you’re a good payer – ask your landlord for his or her record of your monthly payment and take this with you to the bank. If they still feel that your status on the Credit Bureau is reason to decline you a loan, then you can approach the National Credit Regulator to see how to resolve your credit rating. Their website offers some useful guidelines for how to address your debt situation.

  24. Themba , 13 June 2013

    This system is confusing indeed and S A household we needs houses, they need to come up clear and impliment this scheme sooner. I am tired renting. What is the update so far?

    • Kecia , 13 June 2013

      Hi Themba. Take a look at the blog I wrote recently on the FLISP subsidy: The challenge, of course, is that the budget allocated to this sub-programme is very little: since the revised FLISP policy came into effect in April 2012 to date (as at May 2013), only 114 applications have been approved to the value of R3.8 million. The FLISP budget for 2013/14 financial year is R165m. It is expected that this will benefit 3 250 applicants. This is fairly minor given the need. Your best bet is to find a house you want to buy with the FLISP subsidy, and get your name on the list as soon as possible. You can contact the NHFC on 011-644-9800

  25. Mrs Z Shaik , 05 July 2013

    Hello Kecia,I want to know I will qualify for subsidy house coz my husband earn R1340(per week) his gross montly wages is R6000.Do we qualify for a subsidy house in durban.Where can I go obtain application form for the house.Please help me! I need house quick and urgently!Please Kecia Help Us! THANK YOU

    • Kecia , 05 July 2013

      Hello Mrs Shaik. In terms of your income, you should qualify for the FLISP subsidy. However, in order to access the FLISP, you have to also qualify for and access a mortgage loan. Your income probably isn’t sufficient to qualify for a mortgage large enough to buy a new property, but KwaZulu Natal is now allowing people to use the FLISP to purchase a house in the resale market – see my blog on the subject Once you’ve read that, you can call the NHFC (which administers the subsidy) and ask them for more information: 011-644-9800

  26. Mrs Z Shaik , 05 July 2013

    Hi there Kecia,howcome we will not get FLISP house and where in kwa zulu natal they are locate.Why will my husband not get good amount mortage loan.If we apply for a loan and apply for the subsidy house will we success.How many rooms in this FLISP houses.What is the requirements we need?Where can we go apply?Thank you!KECIA{H}

  27. Mrs Z Shaik , 08 July 2013

    Good morning Kecia,how are you?I was waiting for your reply,please let me know where can my husband obtain applications forms for the FLISP in kwa zulu natal?Where in durban they got these houses are they making any RDP houses in durban and where?THANK YOU!KECIA HAVE A AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!!!

    • Kecia , 08 July 2013

      Hello Mrs Shaik. To get more information in your area, you can call 031-336-5300 in Durban. That is the number for the Provincial Department of Human Settlements in KwaZulu Natal. Their offices are located in Tolaram House, 2 Aliwal Street, Durban. You can also contact the NHFC by calling 011-644-9800 or their hotline 0860-011-011; or you can email them on I want to clarify one thing though: the FLISP is a subsidy that you use together with a mortgage loan – so there isn’t necessarily a “FLISP house”. Rather, it is an amount of money that makes whatever housing that is available more affordable for you. You can use it to buy a new house, or an existing house – as long as it costs less than R300 000. Call the provincial office and they’ll explain it further to you. Good luck!

  28. Themba , 19 August 2013

    Morning Kecia

    Wow!!! thats good News now this subsidy also offer for existing houses thats great! I have identified an existing house but i havent approch a bank yet so how do i apply for this subsidy? do i have to go to the bank with complete form how does this works now .

    • Kecia , 20 August 2013

      Hi Themba – it is great news, isn’t it? This will really change the market dramatically. Take a look at the NHFC’s pamphlet on the subsidy. Then, once you understand how it works, call one of their offices – the numbers are listed on the pamphlet, and ask them how to take it from there. Good luck.

  29. Sizwe , 02 December 2013

    hi, I am residing at kraaifontein I would like to know which is the nearest area for this project

    • Kecia , 02 December 2013

      Hi there – it looks like you need to connect with the Cape Town Municipality. Take a look at the FLISP pamphlet that the NHFC has developed – it will give you the details on how to apply for the FLISP in your area.

  30. Mzukisi Mali , 16 March 2014

    this FLISP will not solve the housing crisis in this country as there are people who own RDPs and also applied for this programme to upgrade their RDP house. people who dont qualify for FliSP nor RDP will be homeless for ever.

    • Kecia , 17 March 2014

      Hi there. Certainly the administrative systems surrounding the subsidies – whether the FLISP or the RDP – are complex and in some cases also inefficient. We’ve seen this with the long waiting lists and delays in delivery. However, FLISP subsidies cannot be accessed to upgrade RDP houses. Once a person or household has been granted a subsidy, they are no longer eligible for another subsidy. The real challenge is that the population eligible for such subsidies is so large – only about 15% of South Africans can afford to build the cheapest, newly built house. In this context, the state’s commitment to subsidising the remaining 85% in some way is considerable – and possibly over-ambitious. Rather, it would be better to facilitate greater participation by the private sector and enable more incremental housing processes that are affordable to lower income earners.

  31. Lucia , 13 July 2014

    Hi i Currently earn R7400 monthly as my basic salary and I have 2 kids and married. my husband is unemployed so I wanted to know if he does qualify to apply for RDP or must I apply for the flisp subsidy?

    • Kecia , 18 July 2014

      Hi Lucia. Subsidy eligibility is based on household income, so you need to consider both your and your husband’s income. At R7400 per month household income, you would not qualify for the RDP subsidy. Rather, you could apply for the FLISP, which you access together with mortgage finance. On the upside, the FLISP should be a much quicker process than the RDP subsidy.

  32. Makhado , 28 July 2014

    Good Day,

    I need to apply for a housing subsidy I bought a house financed through the bank. My salary bracket is less than R10 000 pm. Can you kindly advice what steps to take, what numbers to call and to which department can I get assistance.

    How does it work?

    Kind regards

    • Kecia , 03 August 2014

      Hi there. In terms of your income, you should qualify for the FLISP subsidy – however, this is only accessible at the point of sale. You cannot apply for the subsidy in retrospect. Has the house been transferred yet into your name? If so, then I think it will be too late! Take a look at the NHFC’s pamphlet on the FLISP and then give them a call: 0860-011-011 or email

  33. Naomi , 20 August 2014

    Morning, can I use this subsidy to buy a stand or repossessed house?

    • Kecia , 21 August 2014

      Yes, Naomi, the FLISP can be used to buy a stand, as long as you commit to build a house on it. It can also be used to buy a repossessed house. In both cases, it needs to be linked with mortgage finance, so speak to your bank about the specific process to follow.

      • Lungi , 16 September 2014

        Hi iwant to know if rdp can help me with subsidy to get ahouse that was not developed under rdp housing or not what must i do i lost my job im not working at the moment with 3kids

  34. Sthe , 16 September 2014

    Hi i earn R2000 amonth iwant ahouse i cant afford a big loan the house it selles R100.000 how much loan i must apply for?

    • Samuel Suttner , 05 September 2015

      Hi Sthe. If you earn R2 000 a month, your best chance would be to apply for an RDP house. At R2 000 a month, you could only get a home loan for around R40 000. The FlISP subsidy only applies to households earning above R3 500 a month. If you haven’t registered for a an RDP house, you should contact your provincial department of human settlements for assistance. Some of their contact details can be found at the bottom of this blog: Sam

  35. charlene , 27 October 2014

    Hi Kecia.i applied for the flisp subcidy via a housing agent.on which i am currently working with to buy a house.but then they found out that i already had a subcidy! the thing is…i did fill in form at abahlali housing but didnt use my subcidy because i didnt stay in the flat the assigned to me.i was issued divorce papers and went to stay at family at that i went to cancel everything and was only fined for cancellation.they didnt tell me they used my subcidy.but why should they anyway.i didnt stayed in their flats!now the house agent is trying to get my name of the list of abahlali housing (where ever they applied for subcidy on my behalf) and then re-aplply so that i can qualify to buy this house.but its taking forever.please help.!

    • Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa , 22 September 2016

      Good Day Charlene, it seems you have an administrative query relating to your name and status on the system. Unfortunately, we can’t advise you how to speed up the process regarding getting your name off the list of those who have received a housing subsidy. Nor do we know how long this process takes. But, once you have cleared your name, you will have to apply to the NHFC or your provincial department of human settlements. Let us know if you have any further queries.

  36. Liezl Du Plessis , 15 February 2015

    Good day
    At this stage I am renting a 2 bedroom apartment to the tune of R3000 per month. I would rather like to purchase my own flat. My income is R6500 per month, how do I go about applying for a subsidy or a bank loan.
    Thank you for your assistance.
    From Liezl

    • Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa , 22 September 2016

      Dear Liezl, your household must earn more than R3 500 but less than R15 000 a month and this is gross salary before deduction in order to qualify for FLISP. You meet this requirement as you earn R6500. If you meet the other requirements then you need to have applied for a home loan (also known as a mortgage) as a final step to qualify for FLISP. It can be done through a bank (Absa, Nedbank, Standard Bank or FNB) or through a company that offers home loans (SA Home Loans or Housing Investment Partners (HiP)).
      In order to apply for the subsidy in the Free State, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West or the Northern Cape: you should submit a completed application form to the NHFC. Banks, estate agents and developers may help you with this, but if they won’t you will have to do it yourself. You will find the necessary information on the following link:

  37. Prudence Mashiloane , 19 March 2015

    I have been reading through the question and advises. Thank you so much. I also managed to get and understand few things. Im desperate for a house with my 3kids. I earn 6900…and I get comission of 2000 a month. I’m glad to see that I can qualify with this salary. I will have to just call and hear from them.’thank you

  38. samkeliso , 19 July 2015

    hi l currently earn r7700.00 a month looking for a RDP house in cosmo city will l qualify to those lower income ones or what must l do in order to own ahome

    • Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa , 28 September 2016

      Dear Samkeliso, RDP houses are for those who earn less than R3501 and meet other criteria. As you earn R7700, you would not qualify. I suggest you attempt to find a house that you can afford. Speak to the banks, SA Home Loans or Housing Investment Partners (HiP) to see what they would be willing to give you. Make sure you have a good credit record. I also suggest you contact the developers in your area and ask them how they have been working with the subsidy, you should do this because you need to find a house to buy before you apply for the subsidy as the only way to access the FLISP is if you get it together with a mortgage loan at the same time. This is if you wish to apply for the subsidy.

  39. Ntombi , 17 August 2015

    Good day
    I own a house in the settlement area they going to build RDP HOUSE in Khayelitsha and I recent have a job at Transnet. Do I qualify for the RDP house if I’m earning R15000.00 or how must I do to apply for this FLISP.



    • Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa , 28 September 2016

      Dear Ntombi, for an RDP house one has to earn less than R3 500. Earning R15 000 means that you qualify instead for the FLISP. If you live with dependents (wife, partner, child or be supporting your sibling) you can apply for the subsidy. What you need to do is apply for a home loan (also known as a mortgage) to qualify for FLISP. Speak to the banks (Absa, Nedbank, Standard Bank or FNB), SA Home Loans or Housing Investment Partners to see if they would give you a home loan. The house that you intend to purchase also has to be your first house.
      With regards to area, you need to find a house to buy, and the seller needs to have a title deed. Thus it is up to you to find a house in your area. This house can cost any amount that you can afford (even more than R300,000).
      In the Eastern Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Limpopo or the Western Cape: we don’t know how applications work in these provinces. You will have to contact the provincial departments of human settlements to see if they offer FLISP. They will advise you if they are granting FLISP subsidies.

  40. Ana , 16 October 2015

    I earn a basic salary of R3200 p.m I also get commission of +- R2000 every month do I qualify for a home loan

    • Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa , 28 September 2016

      Dear Anna, since you earn less than R3501 you need to check if you meet other criteria as you could qualify for an RDP house. This house is free and provided by the government. Contact your provincial department of human settlements or go to your local municipality and ask them about how to apply, and about the status of their waiting list.Your salary is unfortunately not high enough to qualify for a FLISP subsidy or to get a home loan from a bank. However, you can also apply for a building loan to build a house on a vacant plot.

  41. Mzukisi Mali , 17 December 2015

    Thanks for the update, however this is a theory to me and many other people this policy called FLIPS. The government at local and provincial level is not taking this seriously and the people are preparing themselves to occupy any vacant land to build themselves house maybe they will be attended to.

  42. Bonita Sims , 02 February 2016

    I want to check if I can apply for the FLISP subsidy without having a property as such in mind as we are still looking for a house at this point but kind of need to know if we would be successful.

    • Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa , 27 September 2016

      Dear Bonita Sims, it is up to you to to find a house that you can afford. Speak to the banks, SA Home Loans or Housing Investment Partners (HiP) to see what they would be willing to give you. Make sure you have a good credit record, and look at houses. This is because the only way to access the FLISP is if you get it together with a mortgage loan at the same time. For more information please visit:

  43. gracious , 23 June 2016

    hi me &my wife we are thinking of buying a house by doing a joint becouse we both earning R10 000 so we wanted to know if how much should we qualify for as first buyers? (goverment employees)

    • Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa , 28 September 2016

      Dear Gracious, with regards to combining your salaries, your household must earn more than R3 500 but less than R15 000 a month. Since your combined household income is more than R15 000,(R20 000) this unfortunately disqualifies you from being eligible for the subsidy. To know about how much your home loan will be, speak to the banks, SA Home Loans or Housing Investment Partners (HiP) to see what they would be willing to give you.

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