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In our work, in order to understand market dynamics, there’s often a need to acknowledge the difference between formal and informal housing. We tend to have a flexible definition, guided by what definition is suited better to the research project. We know that definitions vary and take account of the way the building was constructed (developer or household), the type of building materials used and whether the house has legal title (the latter of which is important because a title is required for the house to act as collateral for a mortgage). Eighty20, a consultancy, has recorded the different definitions…

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  If you follow our work, or are interested in the sector, you will know that data on housing finance across Africa is scarce. You’ll also know that without proper data investors, lenders, government, regulators and other stakeholders cannot make informed decisions that support market growth. This dearth of information is particularly acute when it comes to how urban households in Africa invest in their housing: How long does it take to build a house? What financing tools are used? What challenges are faced and what is prioritised? How is land secured? As part of our efforts to contribute to…

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Economist Housing Price Comparison

The Economist posted an interesting blog comparing the performance of house prices in 25 countries. It includes a house price index, prices in real terms, prices against average income, prices against rents and the percentage change in house prices. Unfortunately, the only African country represented is South Africa; there’s a dearth of data on the continent’s housing markets. Hopefully, with efforts to collect more data, such as those currently underway in Kenya and Uganda, we can see how housing markets are performing in more African countries. Another caveat is that the data used for South Africa are from ABSA Bank’s housing price indices,…