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An earlier graph developed by Eighty20, the message is still true today.

This week’s theme for Eighty20‘s Fact a Day has been housing finance in SA.  Drawing on data from the 2010 General Household Survey and the National Credit Regulator’s Consumer Credit Market report, they wrote on Monday: “there are 14.3 million households in SA.  As at end March 2011 there were 1.8 million mortgage accounts, amounting to R770 billion (64% of all consumer credit).” I’m interested in what is inside those numbers: who are the 1.8 million mortgage account holders, and where do they sit on our income pyramid?   Last week, reported that both Absa and FNB are planning to retrench staff…

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The first phase of the Financial Sector Charter took place between January 2004 and December 2008.  During that time (according to Banking Association unaudited data), the financial sector originated a total of R44,8 billion in mortgage, fully guaranteed, unsecured, residential development, and wholesale & social housing loans to FSC target market households.  By far the greatest area of activity was in mortgage lending: 234 638 mortgage loans to a total value of 28 billion were originated in the five year period.  In the aftermath of the FSC, and in considering the long term implications of such targeted lending, the performance…

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Ingredients for Growth

The African Union for Housing Finance is pleased to announce its Annual Conference and AGM, to be held at the FNB Conference Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 6-9 September 2011. As a tool for building effective demand for housing, housing finance arises out of the interplay between the housing market and the financial market. The housing market includes the supply of housing (whether for ownership or rental) in both the primary and resale markets, and this depends on the availability of land and infrastructure for housing development, suitable urban housing policies, functioning property markets and, in the case of…