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December 1, 2011 by Kecia Rust | 2 Comments

Today was the launch of the research into government subsidised housing assets.  Its been a long process – about 18 months since the original terms of reference was written – and there’s been an enormous level of detail and nuance in the findings.  Our launch this morning included about seventy people, from government and the private sector.  There were two main presentations – one on the research into asset performance, and the other on an Urban LandMark research initiative that considered the reasons for the backlog in title deeds, offering recommendations for a viable way forward.  There’s a lot to…

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Research launched today by FinMark Trust has found that as of September 2010, 1.44 million government-subsidised properties were formally registered on the Deeds Registry.  These comprise 24% of all formally registered residential properties in South Africa. Over 2010/11, FinMark Trust undertook a study into the asset performance of government subsidised housing stock in South Africa, with support from Urban LandMark, the National Department of Human Settlements, the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements, the South African Cities Network, and the FB Heron Foundation. The study involved an analysis of how subsidised properties were trading formally, on the Deeds Registry, and…

November 11, 2011 by Kecia Rust | 3 Comments
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Minister Sexwale has recently launched his campaign “Each One Settle One” as an initiative to encourage the top 20 JSE listed companies, and the broader public, to participate in the national housing process (see a useful FM article on the subject from about 2 weeks ago).  In promoting the campaign, Minister Sexwale has acknowledged that the state does not have the resources to address South Africa’s growing housing backlog on its own, and that public participation in the national housing process is critical to its success.  The campaign is targeted at the wealthy: JSE-listed companies, major employers as well as…

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Today, 31 October 2011, is World Savings Day.  The World Savings Banks Institute (WSBI) has an interesting website on the day, setting out its history (it was started in 1924 as World Thrift Day), and outlining past events associated with the day.  I learned about this from a LinkedIn post, announcing a new technical guide published by CGAP, entitled “Advancing Savings Services: Resource Guide for Funders“.  The CGAP post introducing the report is worth reading.  It notes the credit bias in our assessment of finance systems, and argues for savings mobilisation to sit at the heart of any financial access strategy….

October 24, 2011 by Kecia Rust | 2 Comments
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Two weeks ago, I participated in the public hearings into housing finance, convened by the Financial and Fiscal Commission in South Africa.  As background: the FFC is “an independent, objective, impartial and unbiased constitutional advisory institution… [with] the responsibility to advise and make recommendations to Parliament, provincial legislatures, organised local government and other organs of State of financial and fiscal matters” in South Africa.  The primary role of the FFC is “to ensure the creation and maintenance of an effective, equitable and sustainable system of intergovernmental fiscal relations in South Africa”. This is the first time the FFC has entered…

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Last week, the Bank of Namibia hosted their 13th Annual Symposium, focusing this time on Housing in Namibia.  The symposium started with three presentations, which together provided (1) an analysis of the Namibian Housing Market presented by Mr Ebson Uanguta, Director of Research at the Bank of Namibia; (2) an analysis of experiences in Japan, the United States and China by Professor Aloysius Mosha, Head of Urban Planning at the University of Botswana; and (3) an analysis of the South African housing experience by Dr Mark Napier, director of Urban LandMark.  I was invited to give a paper as the…