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July 9, 2012 by Kecia Rust, Mark Napier | 4 Comments
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Last week, Mark Napier of Urban LandMark and I submitted a letter to the Business Day, commenting on two letters that had been debating the value of RDP housing and title deeds.  Here is the full text of the letter.  The edited version of the letter as it appeared in the newspaper can be downloaded here.   Letter to the Business Day, 5 July 2012 Sir Gail Daus-van Wyk and Keith Gottschalk have both written about the value of title deeds for RDP home owners, responding to the article by Stephen Grootes on the land reform debate. Certainly, subsidized housing…

February 16, 2012 by Kecia Rust | 4 Comments

It is a common habit to monitor the health of the property market from the perspective of our own homes.  Whether or not property prices are on the rise or falling, we understand these developments in relation to our own neighbourhood, how many FOR SALE signs are visible, the level of construction activity evident on the roadside, and so on.  In the early 2000’s when South Africa was going through a property boom that was celebrated internationally, even topping the scales of The Economist ratings, FinMark Trust commissioned research into the Township Residential Property Market that demonstrated this ‘boom’ was…