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This overview essay was published in the Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook 2016. Across Africa, the residential investment opportunity is increasingly driving conversations about economic growth. While the definition of who is middle class and how many such households there are continue, the fact of Africa’s rising population and rapid urbanisation is palpable in its cities where the inadequate housing conditions of the majority are obvious. For every problem, there is an opportunity for a solution, and in increasingly creative ways, this is what Africa’s housing investors are finding.   Take International Housing Solutions, a private equity investor that has mobilised investors…

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The Housing Programme on Africa Independent Television interviewed the Executive Director of CAHF, Kecia Rust, on financing affordable housing in Nigeria.

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Tafelberg slider 2016.06.13

Photo: Mary-Anne Gontsana The challenge of managing and putting to best use state property assets has been put into sharp focus with the recent debate over the Tafelberg property in Sea Point, Cape Town. At issue is whether (and how) state land should be used to further objectives of social integration, so critical to the transformation of our society and our capacity to overcome our apartheid legacy of spatial segregation. The problem (and opportunity), in this case, is that the land is valuable – extremely so. How can this value be used towards the benefit of the province so that…

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Our Executive Director, Kecia Rust, gave a the fifth lecture, titled Extending Access to Housing Finance across Africa, for the third season of  UN Habitat‘s Global Urban Lecture Series. SYNOPSIS If cities are built the way they are financed (Renaud, 1984), then Africa’s cities are set to change. Innovation in housing finance – in terms of products, players, and approaches, not to mention target markets – is a key feature across the continent, creating new opportunities for investment and delivery. As both local and international investors chase growth opportunities in a sluggish global economy, they are employing diversification strategies to manage the…