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Discussing the rise in prices in the affordable housing market in South Africa

Hannah Barry, of Moneyweb, and John Loos, of FNB Home Loans, discussed the rise in prices of township houses, an important segment of South Africa's affordable housing market. During their...

July 22, 2014 Michael Kihato
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Emphasizing the “incremental” in successful housing microfinance

A recent presentation by Lafarge at a housing microfinance academy they organised together the International Finance Cooperation (IFC) in Nairobi, emphasized a critical ingredient to successful...

July 16, 2014 Larry Hobson

South African Housing Minister’s Budget Speech – all the targets

The Minister of Human Settlements made her budget speech today. I made some notes for myself as there was so much content and decided it would be better to share them – hope you find at least one...

What is a micro-mortgage?

Micro-mortgages are defined as “housing loans of long duration (generally ten years or more) that exhibit all characteristics of traditional mortgage loans (long repayment period, house as...

February 24, 2014 Michael Kihato
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Group lending works with HMF

Housing microfinance (HMF) has its origins in microfinance lending. One important aspect of microfinance lending that HMF utilises is group lending. A group of individuals, often with social ties,...

February 21, 2014 Michael Kihato
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Housing microfinance, the other financial inclusion

As proponents of affordable housing finance and housing microfinance (HMF), we often feel that it does not get sufficient attention in financial inclusion discourse. This feeling was rekindled when I...